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I’m Kavi. Let’s explore the exuberant boho lifestyle together in a way that is fun & attainable for us mortals!

My goal in writing this blog is to bring the full depth of the bohemian lifestyle to you, and in a way that is practical and doable for most people. Let’s face it, we don’t all have thousands of dollars to spend on this, and we shouldn’t have to!

Even though being down-to-earth and practical seems to contradict the dreamier aspects of living boho, I felt there was a lot missing from other boho sites that focus only on certain aspects, like style. Much of what makes boho “rich” and fulfilling goes way beyond that. I’m a lover of solutions that a reader can do easily and change their life for the better!

Part of the charm of this lifestyle is the underground, off-the-beaten path, fantastical, earth-centered, visually rich, artistic, tribal and eclectic collection of things that make up a style.

The other, deeper, attraction to boho is a way of thinking and seeing the world. How we drink in the world, how we arrange ourselves and the things in it to amplify our passions and aesthetic pleasure, and how we show reverence for our true selves. The ones we’ve always envisioned ourselves as and can’t wait to meet!

More About Me:

I’m a lover of all things eclectic, exotic, whimsical, & mystical. I was born in a pretty bohemian place — Cuba. While we left when I was pretty small, all the colorful traditions, love for the arts, old-world aesthetic, and way of life went with us to our new home. I grew up in Miami, but I was always marching to my own drum and to the beat of my ancestors. One of them, my great-grandmother, was a full Spanish gypsy from the Canary Islands, a force of nature. I’m a lot like her.

My boho-style is very eclectic, influenced by my Cuban culture and gypsy roots, is history-rich, and informed by a deep, lifelong love of the East — especially India and other ancient cultures. But don’t worry, I love more things than there is space to write about here, so we’ll have fun exploring them all!

I love how each bohemian is unique. I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey and find practical ways to manifest your bohemian life today!

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