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8 Feng Shui Tips to Start the New Year Like a Badass

It’s the new year, that wonderful time when we often think, “Time to make some changes!” And followed by, “Ugh, it’s too hard!” Followed by toddler-level-whining and proceeding to binge-watch some random show on Netflix while eating all the fries. No? Maybe that’s just me… But before you break into a cold sweat and abandon your grandiose plans, never fear! If you are wandering aimlessly in the land of the lost, then I welcome you to an actual game plan.

Some people are really into decorating according to your heart’s desire, what we’re drawn to. I’m like that too. But honestly, when I just filled my surroundings with stuff willy-nilly, even gorgeous stuff, my life lacked direction, it lacked success. I had a harder time making things happen or work out, or even staying motivated. I felt quite a bit lost.

“This is all a bit intense for a boho blog,” you may be wondering, but I’m a true bohemian at heart, and although my nature is to be totally free-spirited and shun the rules, I learned to embrace the good rules that can: #1 be customized to fit my lifestyle, and #2 make my life the shiz.

What is this wonder-system? Very simple. It’s Feng Shui. An ancient gift that keeps on giving courtesy of the ancient Chinese civilization — yup 3,000 years ago, give or take. Very few things last that long, so we should probably pay attention.

I have learned that Feng Shui has a touch of mystery and magic to it, and therefore, is so fittingly boho. I’ll be writing a lot about it in this blog because it’s unbelievably easy to tweak things you already have (yes, you heard right), and add a few things here or there, to totally boost and attract all the lovely, flowy things we want to manifest in our lives. But where others make it complicated and hard to decode, I want to make it easier and accessible so that you can feel like a space-commanding badass! 😉


The key is seeing Feng Shui basically as moving objects to affect energy. Now energy is this weird thing. We all feel it. When we enter a dark underground place, it may give us the creeps or fill us with a sense of dread (hopefully, this is not your apartment I’m describing!). Or, it feels peaceful or zen. Or maybe even electric — like the feeling you get when you go to a really hot club and it just feels like there’s this contagious cool vibe and you go nuts spending all your money.

What if I told you that you could manipulate energy to your advantage? What if you could coax it to work for you instead of against you. Now, this is not some Matrix-type mindset I’m describing, as in “There is no spoon.” The truth is there is a spoon in our world, but what if you can arrange your “spoon” (and everything else) to work for you 24/7?

Feng Shui uses the principle that Qi (sounds like “chi”), is this invisible energy force flowing all around the world. It flows around and through things. It flows in front of your home, inside your home, even inside us! The way this energy flows — whether it’s easy and inviting, growth-inducing, or sharp and painful, harsh, or even stagnant — all these types of energies, good or bad, directly influence our lives.

Below are some things you can easily do before the new year, during the month of January, or honestly any time of the year when you are ready for some change. The “spaces” I’m referring to are where you live and reside, or your private space where you work or study. If you own a home, it’s usually the whole home. If you rent a room in a house, focus on your room. If you live in a yurt, or a tent, or a hut, it doesn’t make a difference — define your space and let’s get to work on that.


This is very easy to do and requires no spending (hooray for the thrifty-minded!). If your life is feeling a little stagnant (like a stuffy elevator) or a lot stagnant (like a humid swamp full of buzzing mosquitoes), then this one’s for you. Or, if you want to make a change, this will encourage it along and prime your space for it.

Simple, pick any 27 things in your home and move them to different spots. Try to pick things from different areas. They can be large or small. Let’s say you have a coffee table, some shelves, a desk, couch, etc., all in one room. Those are typically full of knick-knacks, books, cushions, blanket, etc. Pick 27 things from that room or anywhere in the house and place them in a different spot. For example, switch the pillows around, change positions of things on the surfaces, move something from the bedroom to your living room, etc. Where you move things doesn’t have to be far. Something on the left side of your desk can go on the right side. Simple.

Pro tip: If you want to go to the next level with it, use one of the Feng Shui Bagua (space maps). With this you can figure out what items are best in what rooms (or corners if you live in a small space). The easiest Bagua to use is a “BTB Bagua.” This is a beginner-friendly map for Westerners. First, you draw a rough map of your home (the walls inside and out, the doors), and then you divide it into 9 equal squares. Now align the CAREER section to the same wall as your front door. Now you have a zone map of your home! Basically, each section corresponds to a zone with its own categories that it enhances, colors, and elements. Do your best to place things in the correct sections according to the map.


A lot of people have their beds placed in a position that takes your personal power away from you. It can even weaken your position in life over time — in your career, your love life, your creative endeavors, and so on. There are 3 main things to look for and adjust accordingly:

1 – With bed placement, you want to position it in a way that is aligned with the “power position.” The quick definition means that you can see someone coming in (without turning your head) if you were lying on the bed as you normally do, looking straight ahead.

A lot of people will place a bed with the headboard next to the door. If you were lying on it, you would see a window or another wall. What you want to do is move the bed to the wall perpendicular or opposite the door so you can see the door and someone coming in easily. This increases your sense of security according to Feng Shui and means that people can’t take advantage of you or surprise you when you’re not looking, which translates into a power thing.

2 – Next, you’ll want to check if you are positioned under a window. Sleeping with a window behind you represents being unsupported, insecure, and potentially at risk. Yikes! The larger the window, the more it can negatively influence your life.

If you can’t move the bed away from the window, place thick curtains on the window that can be completely shut at night when you’re lying down. It helps if you have a headboard to provide added “security” when sleeping.


If you happen to have a personal, study, or professional desk, it will also need to be moved if it’s not in the power position. This translates to success in your professional, creative, or study life.

For a desk, the same principle applies. You need to be able to see someone as they enter the front door without turning your neck drastically. People shouldn’t be able to sneak up on or startle you if they’re standing at the door. If no matter where you put it, you can’t see someone if looking straight ahead, consider seeing them if you turned your head 45 to 90 degrees. This will do if the other option is not possible. If all else fails, place a mirror where you can easily see someone’s reflection as they enter the front door.

You also want to check for a window behind your chair (behind your back as you sit down). The same principle applies to the bed, except at work, school, etc. People may start “talking trash” about you, or not backing you up, or your job security may feel wobbly. Moving it may shift your experience — people may start noticing your work, agreeing with you, and it can even increase your sense of security.


Check the center of your space (each room) to see how full and cluttered it is. As much as possible, try to leave the space right in the middle of any room or office empty or lightly furnished (as in a rug). According to Feng Shui, this will increase your health-factor and the Qi energy needs a place to swirl around and stir up some goodness.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


Speaking of clearing spaces, don’t stop at the center of the room. The new year is the perfect time to get rid of old things. Do you store things that are not sentimental, are useless, you’re sick of, remind you of bad times, don’t fit you, or generally are just dust-collectors? I know I do. I do this a few times a year because it is that hard for me to get rid of old things.

Letting go of old things that no longer serve you (and donating them so they don’t end up in a landfill), is energetically the equivalent of waving a flag at the Universe that says, “Deposit new opportunities here!” Umm, yes, please!


I think clearing your unwanted items out of your home is a crucial first step to welcome new things coming into your life. Other things you can do energetically are what I consider subtle clearings.

This kind of clearing can involve sound (bells, chimes), incense, sage smoke, sweeping, etc. Simply turn on all the lights in your home or space, open the windows, and take your preferred clearing device through the whole space. Say something either aloud or internally to the effect of, “I now clear this space and home of all the energy of the old year and all the years before that. I now welcome new and better opportunities in [the current year].” Make sure to do this especially to your front door. Keep doing this and make your way to the front (or back door); finish there, bidding the old year goodbye.


Now is the perfect time to clear your home. Cleaning your home will reinforce clearing out the old energy and lift the energy in your spaces.


The entrance to your home is arguably the most important spot to apply Feng Shui. If the energy entering plain stinks, is lazy, way too harsh, or just plain non-existent, then consider adding some items that will welcome good energy into your home. Make sure to clean the area in front of the front door and right inside. Removing anything blocking the way as well.

The fixes below also work right inside your front door or foyer space if that’s the only place you have available. Try adding 1 or 2 things like:

  • Plants, small trees, or flowers (obviously, healthy ones!)
  • A small water fountain
  • A doormat (in one of the colors for that area)
  • Wind chimes (use chimes made of the element or color of your zone)
  • Hang a crystal
  • Place a “welcomer” at the door (I use a Buddha statue!)
  • Place a bell on the doorknob (preferably hanging on a red ribbon)

Look at your Bagua “zone” where your door is and focus on a couple of thoughtful fixes that work with the element and color for that zone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for setting up your home for success in the new year! I wish you all much happiness, health, success, and love in 2020!

What things will you be letting go of from last year? What things are you hoping to welcome or have more of in 2020?

Buddha Image at the top by Carla Burke from Pixabay

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