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Spring 2020 Fashion Trends that Bohemians Will Love

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This spring 2020, the fashion world is seriously aligning with the bohemian aesthetic, even if it’s not directly called boho. And many other current trends can be adapted to suit the boho lifestyle.

Here are a few of my favorite spring trends to try now. I’ll even include a few winter-friendly ideas that you can incorporate now before the snow even thaws.


This is a no-brainer. Every boho gal should have one, yet I strongly discourage the purchase of real fur (as in, never-ever buy)! Definitely choose a glam one that simply oozes drama, darling. The bolder, the better.

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Picture yourself in a super-luxe colored faux-fur coat in bordeaux, emerald, or in one of the trending pastel hues this season. Or simply go wild! Coats have been incredibly bold lately and now is the time to rock a truly over-the-top look. Depending on how you wear this look, it can take you into glam, romantic, manga, or retro territory!

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If you buy a blazer this season, it should be at least hip-length or longer. Try one in one of the trending colors: greens, pastels, or white/cream. Bonus if it features lace, velvet details, or unexpected materials (like sequins or faux-leather). Or try adding your own antique detail, like gold buttons, antique brooch, or belt to elevate it.

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It seems the world’s designers recently took a trip back in a magic time-machine because they are currently obsessed with fashion so retro, that frankly, it’s antique! Luckily for us, it’s all been reimagined.

The late Victorian (specifically 1880s to 1900) and Edwardian (about 1900-1915) fashion eras seem to be their main inspirations.

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What I most love is the designers that have reinterpreted the head-to-toe lace 1900s look with modern laces and transparency. Swoon! We’ve seen looks similar to these before, but they were decidedly less belle-epoque than this.

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Edwardian-inspired, romantic white maxi or midi dresses can be seen at many fashion houses, like Louis Vuitton. Lace details and ruffles are everything for this look. White or cream-colored head-to-toe outfits are very de mode. Choose pastels to break it up if a monochrome look is not for you.

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Also, consider pastels. Violet is my personal obsession this season. Violet is so gorgeous and refreshing. Pastel blues and pinks are also happening in a big way, but to go more boho with the look, go romantic with it instead of sleek and modern. Need a bolder hue? Emerald greens and other intense greens that would shock the Wizard of Oz are currently everywhere.

If you can only choose one item to buy this spring, the balloon-sleeve is a gorgeous shape that makes a great staple wardrobe piece. It doesn’t need to be a massive sleeve (see the one above). Make sure it has a tight cuff at the wrist, or tightens at the forearm. It can be made of any fabric (starchy, flowing, or even knit).

These tops look pretty with shorts, tight pants (skinnies, boot cuts, or high-waisted), wide-leg pants, or skirts. To tone it down for everyday, pair it with white jeans or those pastel/floral jeans you saved from a few years back.


Accessories should invoke antique costume jewelry or modern next-level reproductions of those pieces (like the one pictured below).

Lapel-blossoms (think Carrie Bradshaw) are had a mini moment in winter, and you can still pull one off if you hurry. For a sweeter boho look, try silk daisies.

Bows are also a sweet, romantic and easy touch. Pick a top with one built-in, or grab some pretty lace or satin ribbon and tie it on.

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Knee-high boots are a must-have for bohemians this season. Pair with skirts or short dresses, or with tights and your favorite skinny jeans. Crown the look with an Edwardian high collar blouse with lace that goes all the way up to the neck, or ruffle details. Top the look with a sexy fedora in dark, jewel, or earthy tones.

Vests – think luxe ones, like faux-suede or velvet. Dare to wear dark, dramatic colors. Pair with a softer blouse, a midriff-baring top, or high-waist pants or jeans. To make it pop more, balance a heavier, darker vest with a softer, lighter, paler material underneath.


Flowers, clouds, and plants — oh my! This trend is about mixing colors, images, and textures that represent parts of our natural world. From the soil and earth, to trees, to sky, and even water — the whole planet is the muse.

Since Mother Earth is female, the look is decidedly pro-feminine. Expect lots of pretty, embroidered and sequined flowers and other earth elements to come to a clothing store near you.

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I hope you’ve come away with some ideas on how to incorporate a few of this season’s trends with your unique boho style. Which are your faves? What can’t you wait to try?

Much love,

Image at top of page by Christopher Ross from Pixabay

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