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Even More Spring 2020 Fashion Trends that Bohemians Should Try (or Avoid)

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Spring is on the horizon my people, and like cherry blossoms floating in the breeze, the boho-friendly fashion trends abound! In case you didn’t get enough of a fashion-fill with my last post on spring’s hot trends, here’s more! Because let’s face it, we’re bohemians and more is more!

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If you can bear to put your crochet needles down for a sec (I know, it’s a lot to ask!), this trend is a dream-come-true for those addicted to crafts. You know who you are.

Can you imagine wearing massive crochet chandelier earrings? Ummm…because I can! Gag! DIYers will simply love thinking up endless possibilities with yarn, paint, fabric, fringe, string — your imagination is the limit!

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Crochet moves beyond our home decor and onto our bodies in 2020, and my only question is, why didn’t this happen sooner?! But a little goes a long way. Choose statement crochet earrings or a crochet necklace, but not both. Or carry an over-the-top crochet bag or cross-body purse. Or be bold and embrace a full-on crochet corset!

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Once upon a time, chunky lace and ruffles were maligned as “design school projects,” but no more! If Project Runway could have a boho baby, crafty is the trend they’d embrace.

Patchwork is another one to try. This trend is easiest to pull off with a casual accessory, like a patchwork purse. It could be made from repurposed vintage saris or even an old quilt. The more homemade the look, the more on-trend. Patchwork is even appearing in jeans. Rock a patchwork dress for a soft look. However, keep your patchwork touches to a minimum to ensure you don’t look like a walking Snuggy!

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Lastly, woven was a big trend at Paris Fashion Week. This can look quite modern and elegant with the right ensemble. My guess is that in day-to-day life (and ready-to-wear), it will appear in smaller details on blouses, purses, and as accents, rather than full pieces.

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70s GLAM

This is THE look if you want to impress and stand-the-hell-out at a concert, festival, or night out. You can also tone it down for the weekend and look casually sexy.

The fashion Prince of 70s patterns, Emilio Pucci, is making a comeback as an influencer with modern interpretations of his older designs. However, the Pucci-inspired prints you are looking to wear in 2020 are like his vintage floral textiles. With these, you still stop hearts and traffic. Butterflies will randomly land on your heart. You will look oh-so-very Instagram-ready.

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Maximize these floral prints by wearing them in a long-sleeve, maxi dress. Extra points if it features balloon sleeves that tighten at the cuff, hugs your torso, then flares out in an A-line style for maximum effect. Variation of this look can be seen at the haute couture (high fashion) houses of Dior, Fendi, and Valentino. Crown this look with gold-eyelashes (yes, I went there) and Dewey, fresh makeup. Swoon!

Other 70s gems to try include high-waist pants (thank God; bye diet!), the faux suede-look, faux tortoiseshell, slightly-flared pants, and finally, the color ORANGE for the win.

Orange is so dang hot right now. Forget red. Orange will make you the center of attention in such a chic way. It’s also the perfect antidote to the blues, winter SAAD-ness, or a dreary wardrobe. Embrace orange like your life depends on it. If orange scares the beejezus out of you, opt for sunny marigold yellow instead.

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Other 70s accents to consider: sequins (think details rather than entire pieces, like patches on clothing), fedoras, and velvet (especially in the orange, marigold, and browns palette family).

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I am ALWAYS a massive fan of tribal textiles as details or full pieces, For the bold, rock a full-body print, for the milder crowd, consider injecting this style in small doses as a little goes a long way. Geometric prints are hot at the moment, with some clearly inspired by cultural textiles.

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Animal prints are one of those trends that you could rock in this winter/spring either subtly or as intense as you wanna be. While this look can quickly and easily veer into major tacky territory, it can still be done fabulously.

Checkout these pastel snakeskin-print jeans (below) from Jean-Paul Gautier! My haute-hippie dreams just came true! Animal print coats and blazers are very “in” and you’ll see them splashed all over print media. I also recommend a subtler use of animal print, like in a shoe, scarf, or accessory. Try to avoid actual skins and leather; it’s more about the print in wearable fabrics, than actual animal skins. And I think the animals will all thank us for that!

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If you’re a bohemian in warmer climes, tropical-inspired prints are super on right now. I suggest saving this trend for warmer days or evenings, or you could look a bit out of place on a wintery-day!

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Resort-wear, complete with shockingly massive hats, is another huge trend that is best left for warmer temps or your get-away vacation. I expect this trend to blow-up more in late Spring. Try pairing a massive hat with the above trends to incorporate this vibe.


I believe in positive vibes, so I won’t say too much about these next trends other than in 10 years will you wonder, “What the heck was I thinking?!

Thick, awkward, 80s-inspired mom-jeans. Extra deductions for acid-washed. Just know, everyone on earth looks awful in these. You are no exception. You might be forgiven if you’re rocking them ironically.

Long denim skirts. This was happening in the 90s, but thankfully disappeared. Let’s not dig it up from the grave.

Just-busted-out of an institution, industrial-grade jumpsuits. Just no. Jumpsuits are generally fine (if a bit impractical for visits to the ladies’ room). But this clunky, heavy-fabric, industrialized version is not exactly evocative of the free-spirits we are! I do think the hip-hop crowd can slay these, but bohemians look like posers when we try. Just don’t, lol.

Painted denim is another trend that can quickly veer into tacky territory. You would think I would embrace this as a friend of artists, but be wary.

However, if you do gravitate toward this look, wear your jeans while you paint for a more organically paint-spattered look, rather than the heavy-handed, ridiculous pieces the designers are trying to get us to wear. Also, try painting/splattering them yourself in a neutral like a pale gray, cream, or white. Spatter them yourself with a dipped paintbrush for a more toned-down, cuter look. I do think it’s possible to make these trendy and adorable, but with this trend, less is more.


Friends, the moral of the story is: go try some trends! Be fearless in mixing them together! One of the great things about being a free-spirit is the willingness to try what’s next, what’s exciting, what’s inspiring to me in the present, in the here and now. We are the butterflies of the fashion world and should adorn ourselves as such!

So which of these trends are you itching to try? And which are you steering clear from?

Now excuse me while I go hunt for long crochet-earrings…

Much love,


Photo at the top of post by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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